The Whole Shebang. The complete ball of wax. The full meal deal. 

Today’s businesses require a lot of communication to stay in customers’ thoughts. My job is to elicit the core talents and unique attributes of each of my clients and their beautiful work in a fun and stress-free way so that their communications stand out from the crowd. To do this requires a well-crafted, creative and strategic plan.

Maybe you already have a clear goal and a well-laid out strategic plan for your business, but you’re too busy creating awesome products and services to implement it; that’s where I come in. I’m a content creation maven – social media posts, sets of Tweets and Tweetables, web copy, Slideshare presentations, Pinterest boards and Pins, newsletters, blogs, you name it, I do it. All crafted to fit your unique brand.

Or maybe you’ve got really fantastic products and services, but the thought of an entire communications strategy – including social media – kind of makes you ill. I can help with that. I’ll provide a guiding, expert hand to tease out your unique talents and offerings and put a plan together to share them with the world, so you can focus on what you are passionate about.

Above all, getting your story out should be fun and empowering so you are completely jazzed about your creations and the work you’re doing. That’s where the magic happens between us as a team.

Are you ready?

I offer this kind of work on an extremely limited basis (a maximum of 2 clients per quarter). Contact me to discuss how we can craft a plan and services as unique as you and your work.