“Amazing! Tabitha really gets artists.”

When you're an artist, giving someone control over the creation of your website, where your work is showcased for everyone anywhere to see, is a big deal! I have a very strong, very defined design aesthetic and it was important to me that my website reflect that but primarily highlight my work. As an artist, you want a beautiful site but more importantly you want a site that really shows the beauty and detail of your work and overall aesthetic. Tabitha created a site for me that is absolutely perfect. Tabitha not only built my site, but she built it without me having to worry about it, at all. She totally gets what it's like to be an artisan, not just because she's nice and empathetic but she makes beautiful pots herself so she really knows!

— Julie MacKinnon, Julie MacKinnon Ceramics

“Working with Tabitha got us excited about our business all over again!”

Owning your own restaurant is exciting, rewarding and full of great people. It's also really hard work. It's easy to get bogged down in the day to day and forget why you started the business in the first place. We needed a website that not only expresses who we are but that was easy to use, enables us to showcase our catering, and highlight events. We got all that and more from Tabitha. She does our monthly newsletter, too, which means that I don't have to think about it. I know a high-quality communication will go out to our subscribers without fail every month. When we saw our new website and the newsletter and the other communications work Tabitha does for us, we got excited about our restaurant all over again. It reminds us of why we started Stella Nonna - to deliver great food to our amazing customers and become a part of our Berkeley neighborhood.

— Sarah Nasgovitz, owner & Tim Carlon, owner & executive chef of Stella Nonna Restaurant & Bar

“I feel so confident now!”

Being an artisan and small business owner, it doesn't always work for me to have regular service providers on retainer every month. I manage my own website and online store in addition to designing and making my yoga mala beads. I wanted to start writing and creating my monthly newsletters myself as well as start using Instagram for sharing and marketing my mala beads. Tabitha came and spent several hours with me and walked me through Instagram, not just how to use it but how it works and how people find posts. She also helped me build a list of hashtags specifically for my products and ideal customers. The first Instagram post I made resulted in a custom order and I have a rewarding new way to communicate with my customers. But most importantly, I realized a new niche for my business as a result of our training. Coming up with the inspiration for this new business direction came directly from my trainings and conversations with Tabitha. I feel so confident now, sending out newsletters that are getting great responses, posting on Instagram and interacting with my customers and I'm having fun. I also know that when I have a question, Tabitha is just a phone call or email away for some coaching.

— Jacqueline Medalye, founder & designer, Salt Spring Malas

“Exactly the way I'd imagined it!”

I came to Tabitha to develop a website for my custom cake and dessert business. I'd had a logo in the past that I really loved, so I asked her to come up with something similar and a website that worked with it. She not only created a logo that was exactly what I'd hoped for, she delivered a beautiful website that really showcases my specialty cakes and desserts. She understood that to sell wedding cakes and desserts, people need to be able to see the designs and the range of flavors and know that you use top-notch ingredients and made sure to include all of that in the site. Best of all, I had my first official order within two weeks of launching my site.  

— Elizabeth Gil, owner & pastry chef, Renaissance Specialty Cakes & Desserts

“Stellar, professional blog writing.”

I do almost all my business on the Internet and my blog is one of the primary drivers of traffic to my site and subsequent purchases. I need blog writers who can seamlessly match my brand voice so readers feel it's a single voice they're reading. I also need people to write compelling, topical posts quickly. Tabitha did just that, delivering well-written, well-researched articles that align perfectly with my brand voice.  

— S.G., integrative health practitioner

"Without Tabitha's training, I wouldn't have a website."

I wanted to market and sell my fine art paintings, prints, and a line of custom products for home and yoga practice online, but paying for a full e-commerce website wasn't in my budget. I'm also an artist, not a web, techie person so building a website and online store was out of my comfort zone. Training with Tabitha, though, was within my budget and she made the technical stuff that seemed totally overwhelming not overwhelming at all. I was able to build an online home for my work that showcases my work and allows customers to browse and purchase my products smoothly and easily, from my original paintings to a line of postcards, accents pillows, and yoga leggings. Tabitha's training empowered me to build and manage my own website and online store, at a small fraction of what I would have had to pay a designer. Without Tabitha's training, I wouldn't have a website. I am really proud of the result and so thankful for Tabitha's help!

— Jerry Witmer, artist, Jerry Witmer Art